Making harps and other instruments yourself!

New harp making course, July 28th to August 12th, 2018

Further information (PDF, German)

Harp making courses...

...are almost like holidays on a farm – only much nicer!
We build harps and other instruments in a laid-back, rural atmosphere, making use of a very well equipped workshop. There are one-week and two-week courses.

The rough parts are being prepared for you, so that there is much time left for engaging in your own creativity.

Mosenberg course, 1993
Celtic harp making course, Mosenberg, 1993

Mosenberg course, 1994

Gothic harp course, Michaelstein Monastery, 1994
Gothic harp course, Michaelstein Monastery, 1994

Baukursharfe, Modell John Egan
Type "John Egan"

Baukursharfe, Modell Teirtu
Type "Teirtu"

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