When I make a new harp, only the basic design is determined. The further shaping is totally dependent on individual preferences. Harps can have a large variety of design features and ornaments, for example:
  • Historical Celtic artwork (e.g. sword blade ornaments).

  • Celtic knotwork as developed and explained in George Bain’s Celtic Art.

  • Sculptoring and plastic shaping of the harp’s neck, head and pillar.

  • Entarsies: carvings, patterns and gemstones worked into the wood.

Design Example, Silmaril
Type "Silmaril" with Celtic carvings & entarsies

Eagle Head
Eagle’s head: sculpture on the pillar’s top.

It fills me with great pleasure to build individual and custom shaped harps — This is always a challenging experience and a good way to let the aesthetic ideas and personal wishes of the customer be part of the process – everything is possible !

Same Eagle Head

Design Example
Design ExampleThis example shows many techniques in one:
  • Celtic knotwork,

  • Entarsies (made of ebony),

  • Brass plating with etched ornaments, and

  • Gem stones worked into the wood surface.

Click on the brass plating
for a detail view-->

Design example, carving
Type "John Egan" with Celtic carving

Zoomorphic Celtic OrnamentAvailable Timbers

  • Wild Cherry
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Pear
  • Oak

With extra charge:

  • Walnut
  • Rosewood
  • 'Birdeye'-Maple
  • Rosewood-Bubinga

Timbers for sound boards:

  • Fine and very rich sounding spruce from the alpine region of northern Italy
  • Californian Sequoia gigantea with a very warm and balanced tone.

Surface Finishing
  • Natural resins (my own special recipe)
  • Natural Wax polish
  • Shellac polish or
  • Cellulose polish (waterproof).

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