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Large Celtic Harps ...

... have evolved from the traditional Celtic harps. The name "Celtic" stands for the geographical origin of the instruments—Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany.

Silmaril, the big Celtic harp, is a re-shaped harp with optimised sound characteristics that I designed and developed further. The soundboard is open at the bottom end and thus able to resonate freely, resulting in a rich and appropriate bass sound.

Musikbeispiel in QuickTime

Big Celtic harp, Type Silmaril
Type "Silmaril" II

Big Celtic harp, Type Silmaril
Modell "Silmaril" I

Silmaril – the Large Celtic Harp

The large Celtic harp, with a range of 36 strings (A-a''' or H-h''', Nylon or gut), allows you to work in a joyful and professional manner.

The Silmaril is available in three different variations:

  1. with straight pillar
  2. with slightly curved pillar (acc. to Maire NiCisseal)
  3. with 'gothic' design

    (see pictures)

Large Celtic Harp - Gothic Design

In addition, many other individual design features can be realised, which add a personal and original character to the harp.

Custom eagle head sculpture
Eagle head,
see also "design options"

Big Celtic harp, Type Silmaril
Type "Silmaril III" with 'Gothic' design

Small Celtic Harps

Type "John Egan" and "Teirtu"

The small Celtic harp is a well-balanced compromise of a relatively wide range of 33 strings (C-g''', Nylon or gut strings) and a small size.

Small Celtic harp, Type Teirtu
Type "Teirtu"

Small Celtic harp, Type Teirtu
Type "Teirtu"

Similar to the Silmaril, the sound board can resonate freely, providing a stronger bass section.

Due to the low weight and the good portability, these harps are ideal for beginners (height ca. 125 cm, weight ca. 8,5 kg).

The "John Egan" type is derived from a 19th Century Irish harp.

"Teirtu" was originally developed for a harp making course in 1991, but turned out to look very well in its class.

Both types are very similar in their basic design.

Small Celtic harp, Type John Egan
Modell "John Egan"

"Soundiamonds" from my workshop

I'm using the following semitone lever systems on my harps:

  • Soundiamonds™ I
    This reliable system, optimised for purity of sound, was developed by myself.

  • Soundiamonds™ II
    Like type I, but based on a slightly simpler principle.

  • Bronce Semitone Levers
    Quick and elegant system by Peter Brough.

  • Loveland Semitone Levers
    "Made in USA..."

Arrangement Breton

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