The Nautilus shows a spiral in which the natural harmonic scale can be found

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Stringed High Harmonics Instruments...

Bowed Pythagorean Instrument...are played using a bow. The string is held with a finger, so that the natural harmonic scale of the string can resonate. This also explains the name "Pythagorean".

These archaic scales have a extraordinary effect on the listener, which cannot be compared with music that is generated from the 'organised' soundspace..

Bowed Pythagorean Instrument

High Harmonics Instruments are available in different designs.

The photo above shows a functionalistic version with a size of ca. 2.8 m (string length ca. 2 m).

There are one or two additional layers of resonance strings below the melody strings, resulting in a fusion of High Harmonics Instrument, Monochord and Tamboura.


Koto - Monochord

...are available in various designs and sizes. This one is related to the Japanese Koto.

The little bridges can be used to adjust different scales. Further options are a Tamboura bridge and additional bass strings.

Percussion InstrumentsPercussion Instruments

I have designed and built diverse percussion instruments such as drums, mallet instruments, kalimbas, chimes etc.

These instruments were also designed as complete sets for kindergardens, musicians, as well as therapeutical institutions.

Gato Drums, Kalimbas, Coconut-Kalimbas
Gato -- Kalimba -- Coconut-Kalimba

Gato, Kalimbas

Gato-Drums are available in different sizes, scales and timbers.

The kalimbas are either tuned in a diatonic or a pentatonic scale.

Sounding Objects...

Spheric temple-chimes consist of 260 little
tubular bells in a spiral array.

Temple Chimes
Tubular Bells and Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes and Tubular Bells

... are available in various sizes, tonal scales and designs.

Chimes, unfolded
Chimes, long, with little 140 tubular bells

Tubular Glockenspiel
Tubular Glockenspiel, chromatic




A selection of Lyras

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