- Harp Strings
- Soft Cases
- Tuners, Tuning Keys, etc.

Harp Strings...

...are mainly spun on the string making jig that I developed myself.

Thus, the strings can be optimised for each harp type, and also all types of special custom strings can be made.

The following string types are availabe:

  • Nylon/Tynex®

  • Gut (Bow Brand®)

  • Bronce (with phosphorus–more durable), brass and steel, also gold plated, for metal strung harps.

Tynex® is a hard and rich sounding 6.6 Nylon, also used for classical guitar strings.

All bass strings (metal wound) are handmade in our workshop. They are available at any time.

Harp strings and semitone levers
Bass and gut strings on a Celtic harp


Softcases are custom made for each harp type. They are available in dark green, bordeaux red and royal blue.

  • Fitted with rigid straps
  • Overall foam envelope
  • Water resistant

Digital Tuners

... for harps should be chromatic (supporting all 12 semitones of an octave). There are precise and cheap models on the market, like this one from Korg.


Tuning Keys

Available in various designs.

"Welcome to heaven, here is your harp, and here is your tuning key!"

-- "Welcome to hell, here is your harp!"

Chromatic tuner

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